Dynamic Pilates

ballet kate5
  • Location 2nd Floor
  • Duration 1 hr
  • Trainer Lina Petraityte
Difficulty Level
  • Low
  • Meduim
  • Tough

Dynamic Pilates is for all levels aiming improve flexibility, stability, posture and joint mobility while lengthening the whole body with long relaxation at the end of the class. Correct stretching relaxes tight, tense muscles that often accompany stress. Perfect after long day at work and during the moments when one feels stressed and tight.

Drop-in class £20 Package of 8 classes - £120

Meet Our Lovely Instructor

Lina Petraityte


Lina, founder of Egoist Body Studios, believes in small professional and tailored classes. Pilates in her view is caviar of sports. Her harmony is within the walls of the Egoist Body studios. Having studied Economics at LSE and coming from finance background Lina can relate to her busy clients and cater for their needs.


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