• Location Fitzrovia Room
  • Duration 1 hr
  • Trainer Becky Uden
Difficulty Level
  • Low
  • Meduim
  • Tough

Dynamic Pilates classes are designed to lengthen, strengthen, and tone the entire body. Classes are precise yet dynamic with a focus on gradual progression and layering of each exercise, offering suitable levels for all. These classes incorporate educational elements to enhance client body awareness, understanding and development. Flowing, fluid movements, encouraging a sense of relaxation and enhanced wellbeing.

The Pilates method will exercise your mind and body, whilst improving your strength, flexibility and balance. You will build longer, leaner muscles, improve your posture and overall wellbeing.

Pilates is versatile and adaptable – anyone can benefit from coming along, whether you’re young, old, athletic or otherwise, or recovering from an injury – Pilates can be tailored to meet every need.

Teachers at the Studio: Lina, Becky, Liezel, Anne, Ana

45 min lunch session £15 60 min session £20 8 classes for £120

Meet Our Lovely Instructor

Becky Uden


Passionate about Pilates and movement, Becky trained with the JPilates training and education group in London and is level 3 mat qualified, as well as holding qualifications in pre and post natal Pilates. She is currently studying for Reformer Pilates. Her aim is to share and demonstrate how Pilates can improve and enhance your life.


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