Booking is now open for our upcoming yoga and pilates retreat in August 2015.
Where: Lithuania Lake District
When: 26th -30th of May, 2016 (Bank Holiday weekend – 5 days)
Price: From £625 (shared) £750 (single)

Join us for an escape to the Lithuanian Lake District with a yoga and pilates retreat.  Enjoy several days in a private estate overflowing with lakeside charm and lovingly looked after by the owners. Complete with an eco hot tub, sauna, and lakeside view, you can also rest assured that the vegetarian/vegan menu is cooked in-house.


retreat facilitiesThe Lake House stands calmly on the shore of the lake in the natural park of the virgin pine forest promising the uplifting feeling of well being with the serene and calming sight of an idyllic landscape. The peaceful setting offers a perfect escape to nature, inviting you to swim with the swans in the calm and pure waters after enjoying the relaxing effects of a hot tub bath and detoxifying with a traditional sauna.  It is no wonder why this region is recognised as a European “Destination of Excellence”.

The water in the region was always something to worship, nourishing those seeking health and peace of mind, and regarded as specially blessed. Almost all the bodies of water in the district are used for the purposes of recreation in one or another manner.  Here, the water is so clean you can actually drink it if soaking your body is not enough.


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Each day consists of 2 hours of yoga and 2 hours of pilates both indoors and outdoors. Whilst practising yoga and pilates on a wooden terrace or lakeside, one can also feed the eyes and soul with the beauty of the lake and forest. Align the spine to pine trees and inhale & exhale the balsamic fresh air of the pine forest. This intimate retreat of only 10 people is appropriate for the beginner as well as the experienced yoga/pilates practitioner. In line with the Egoist Body Studio mentality of small classes that give personalised attention to every client, this retreat will challenge and benefit everyone no matter his or her skill level.


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The 2-hour mat Pilates sessions will be taught by Lina Petraityte. Founder of Egoist Body Studios, she views Pilates as the caviar of sports. Having studied Economics at LSE and coming from a background in finance, Lina can relate to her busy clients and cater for their needs. As you progress through the flowing movements, your sense of relaxation and wellbeing will enhance while exercising the mind and body.

Each 2-hour yoga session will be taught by Carole Hejmanek. A passionate practitioner and teacher of Vinyasa Flow Yoga, Carole has studied under many knowledgeable and well loved Vinyasa Flow Yoga teachers. Still studying and exploring the world of yoga everyday, her classes are designed with care and the intention to promote wellness and strength on all levels: mental, physical and spiritual. Movements are linked to breathe, helping to open and tone the body, release tension and calm the mind.


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Share a room with a friend or get a whole room to yourself! Each bedroom and bath is lovingly looked after just like all other aspects of this family-owned estate.


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All of the food is vegetarian/vegan and is made by our in-house chef, Lina (picture on right). She’s now been a vegetarian for more than five years  after discovering Ayurvedic cuisine and was seduced by its flavours, taste and philosophy. She then started creating innovative menus, passing on her knowledge of healthy eating to others and fulfilling their tummies and hearts.

More pictures of all the yoga, pilates, and relaxation at our gallery.

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