Pilates Boot Camp

Turn Monday & Wednesday evenings into time for you!

Be prepared for powerful dynamic sessions which will make you sweat, laugh & tone just in time for after the festive season. Get back on track in no time!

Each session will be designed to focus on common trouble areas like tummy, triceps, glutes finishing with relaxation releasing tensions in the shoulders, back & hips.

This Dynamic Pilates class will make sure you stay zipped up and well aligned for the week ahead. In this class we will walk through the entire body starting from releasing tensions to toning up arms, abs, legs and lifting bottoms. Eventually the core will strengthen, and you will feel strong and your posture well supported. We will finish with stretching, and you will get well deserved relaxation time. There’s no better way to start this year!

Teachers: Lina & Becky running Mon & Wed 18:30 i.e. 2x a week four weeks £150