Welcome Everyone!

Welcome to the blog of Egoist Body Studios! If you’re new to the Egoist family and want to learn more about the studios, its founder, and what it means to be an egoist, click on the About Us page! On our blog there will be lots you can expect, from articles on the good (and yes, sometimes bad!) of yoga to tips for getting the most from your yoga-ing, general health & fitness, and easy recipes for gamf.net healthy eating. Having an egoist body mentality shouldn’t simply end with how we keep our bodies fit but also include how we fuel it!


You can also expect to find out about the many great independent shops, cafes, and boutiques around the studio in the Fitzrovia area in anagazawe.com what we’re calling “Around the Corner.” There are also many great health shops and lovely markets throughout London, and we definitely won’t forget about them!




This is also where you can learn about the extraordinary yoga retreats hosted by Egoist Body, as well as see all the beautiful pictures. Visit the Retreats page to find out more!

So take a deep breath, relax, and enjoy your time here.